Institutional Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

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Institutional Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

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MultiBank io Exchange offers the full package for institutional customers who require the best cryptocurrency exchange for their crypto trading solution. Our state-of-the-art platform is built in accordance with our institutional clients' needs and requirements.

We deliver the complete A-to-Z crypto trading solution including but not limited to, the deepest liquidity, tightest spreads, mobile cryptocurrency trading platforms, fully executable prices, 24/7 white glove customer support, and security of funds through our regulated entities.

The Group has over a decade of experience in providing banks and brokers with financial, technological, and regulatory expertise.


MEX Digital Pty Ltd is registered as a Digital Currency Exchange with AUSTRAC (Registration No. 100724469) through which we offer our spot products. 
Multibank FX International Corporation trading as MultiBank (Company No. 1377324) is regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC SIBA/L/14/1068) of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) which facilitates our leveraged products.

Security of Funds

Our physical vaults are designed to shield our wallet infrastructure from digital and physical threats.

MultiBank io Custody is based on an air-gapped infrastructure. Our Crypto Vault is equipped with a certified military grade faraday cage to defend against electro-magnetic interference attacks.

Secure storage vaults are designed with robust physical protection, requiring dual control for access and our Crypto wallets are monitored around the clock.

All custody systems and operations adhere to strict segregation of duties, dual controls and are designed to combine physical, logical and technical controls to offer protection from all angles of attacks with best-in-class security systems.

Technical Layer

Technical Layer

  • AES 256 Encryption of all user data
  • 2FA authentication as standard
  • Hardened servers
  • IDS/IPS Unique extensive API Key for direct API authentication
  • Regular public address renewals for added security
Operations Layer

Operations Layer

  • Governance & Multiple Approval Layers
  • Separation of duties
  • Security Incident Management
  • Enterprise Security Monitoring
  • Regular Audits and In-House Penetration Testing
Physical Layer

Physical Layer

  • Co-hosted physical data centre to control security
  • Air-Gapped cold asset storage for asset protection
  • Access controlled T4 datacentre for key solution components
  • Multiple security tiers for cloud services components
  • Biometric entry system