How to Invest in Cryptocurrency?

MultiBank io is a Crypto Exchange Platform that allows online trading of different cryptocurrencies. Within MultiBank io, users can buy or sell cryptocurrencies and exchange them between other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

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How to Invest in Cryptocurrency?

How to Invest in Cryptocurrency on MultiBank io

Before you’re able to start trading, you’ll need to first purchase cryptocurrencies you want to trade. There are a number of ways to invest in the top cryptocurrencies with MultiBank io, including Payment Gateway or Bank wire.

Before getting started, please ensure that you have completed the identity verification.

To become a verified client that can invest in cryptocurrencies on MultiBank io, you’ll need to submit the appropriate verification (KYC) documentation. You’ll be required to provide a valid proof of ID, live selfie photo (only if applicable) and proof of address (optional). If you have any issues of the required documents, please contact our customer support.

Once you’re completely verified, you can begin your crypto investing journey with MultiBank io! Be sure to do your research on the best and upcoming cryptocurrencies to invest in that fits your strategy and preference. 

If you’re unsure about which cryptocurrency to invest in, check out the MultiBank io blog, to gain general knowledge on the best cryptocurrencies and valuable market insights. 

The first step is to deposit the funds into your account that you’ll use to purchase crypto. For this, go to “Deposit Funds”, then select the type of fiat currency you would like to deposit in. Then just click ‘Deposit’. 

Next, you’ll need to select a deposit method & input your desired amount, then click "Generate Payment Order"
You’ll then be supplied with banking details. This will be the bank account to which you will make a direct deposit from your external bank account.  

The moment your funds clear in the MultiBank io bank account, your fiat currency balance will be updated with the amount transferred.

And you’re all set up! You can now invest in some of the top cryptocurrencies offered by MultiBank io with the following steps.

After logging in to your MultiBank io Account, go to “Basic” & select the cryptocurrency and the quantity you want to Buy or Sell from amongst some of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in today. Finally, click BUY or SELL, then the transaction will be executed as ordered.

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