How to Deposit Fiat?

NOTE: ALL Cash (Fiat) & Crypto Deposits on MultiBank io are FREE! Cash (Fiat) can be deposited via the following methods: •    Wire Transfer •    Payment Gateway Steps to deposit Fiat via Wire Transfer: •    Log into the MultiBank io platform by inserting your login credentials  •    Go to “Deposit Funds”, select the relevant cash (fiat) currency you would like to top up your... Read more

How long will my Fiat deposit take to reflect in my account?

If your Fiat Deposit transaction to MEX Digital did not arrive within the expected time frame, please consider below steps: 1.    Check if there is a deposit status. If there isn't one, that means the deposit hasn't yet reached our bank or you forgot to include the deposit reference (without a reference, some deposits cannot be instantly assigned to your account). 2.    Check your transfer receipt to make sure you entered our bank details correctly (as w... Read more

How to buy Crypto with Fiat?

I am NOT a verified MultiBank io client: 1.    The first step is to create an account with MultiBank io (Click here to sign up now) 2.    Once you have confirmed your email and set a password, you can then login to the trading platform. 3.    Once you're in the trading platform, the next step is to VERIFY yourself which is mandatory to begin any trading process. In order to trade Fiat-to-Crypto pairs, you must submit a Proof of Addres... Read more

How long will the Crypto take to reflect in my account?

Crypto deposits generally reflect in a matter of minutes, however at stages the blockchain can be backed up to the extent where deposits have been known to take a few hours in extreme circumstances. Please keep checking back or contact us for support. Read more

How to buy Crypto with Crypto?

I am NOT a verified MEX Digital client: 1.    The first step to buying crypto is to create an account with MEX Digital. Click here to create an account.  2.    The second step is to go through the mandatory KYC process (onboarding) as required by a regulated entity. Please have your Proof of ID (passport or national ID) and proof of address available. I am already a verified MEX Digital client: In order for a client to now trade, they must follow the... Read more