How to withdraw FIAT to a bank account?

The withdrawal process is as follows: 1. Login to your account 2. Select the "Withdraw funds" tab  3. Select the Fiat currency you want to withdraw  4. Under action, click 'withdraw' 5. Enter the withdrawal amount and submit Request will be processed to your nominated bank account details saved in Bank Info. Please refer to Trading Information page in our website to know more on fees schedule. Read more

How do I Withdraw Crypto?

Crypto withdrawals will be processed instantaneously & will be visible on the blockchain. However, the time frame for processing withdrawals can also depend on the number of network confirmations required on the receiving service’s end. There is no way to cancel or reverse these transactions. Ensure you have triple checked the address, asset and currency you are withdrawing The withdrawal process is as follows: 1.    Login to your account 2.    S... Read more

My Withdrawal is Missing?

A Transaction ID (TXID) will be generated within 30 to 60 minutes, you can copy & paste the TXID into a blockchain explorer to personally inspect the blockchain ledger and transaction status: 1.    If the transaction has not yet been confirmed in blockchain ledger, wait for it to do so 2.    If the transaction status reads 'confirmed' or 'success' in blockchain ledger, then MultiBank io has successfully transferred the coins and we are no lon... Read more

What is Fiat?

Fiat is the currency that you carry around in your wallet and in your bank account. It is United States Dollar (USD) or Great British Pound (GBP) or Honk Kong Dollar (HKD) – you get the idea. When we refer to Fiat deposits or withdrawals, that means that you can deposit a currency such as USD into our platform, trade and then withdraw USD to your bank account.   In more crypto terms, MultiBank io, offers a Fiat on-ramp (deposit) and off-ramp (withdrawal). T... Read more

Why has my FIAT withdrawal not arrived?

If your Withdrawal transaction from MultiBank io did not arrive within the expected time frame, please consider below steps: Check the withdrawal status. Check that all of your banking information on your MultiBank io account is correct. Check if there are any banking holidays. If the above steps don’t help, please contact Support via the Contact Us form.  Please keep in mind that it may take up to 24 hours for a withdrawal to b... Read more