How to buy Crypto with Crypto?

I am NOT a verified MultiBank io client:

1.    The first step to buying crypto is to create an account with MultiBank io. Click here to create an account. 
2.    The second step is to go through the mandatory KYC process (onboarding) as required by a regulated entity. Please have your Proof of ID (passport or national ID) and proof of address available.

I am already a verified MultiBank io client:

In order for a client to now trade, they must follow the following steps: 
1.    Log into the Multibank io platform by inserting your log in credentials.  Click here to login
2.    Select the "My Wallet" tab & select the relevant cryptocurrency you would like to top up your account with & then click "DEPOSIT”
3.    You will then be supplied with the option to use a QR Code or alternatively a receiving wallet address is supplied in order to make a direct deposit to your MultiBank io account
4.    As soon as the funds clear in the MultiBank io wallet, your holdings balance will be updated with the amount transferred to the particular asset

Please ensure you transfer each Crypto to its corresponding wallet (e.g.: BTC to a BTC wallet address) since incorrect transfers (e.g.: BTC to ETH wallet address) cannot be reversed or recovered.

If you are still having issues, please reach out via Contact Us page & provide: 
1.    Coin Name 
2.    Transaction ID (if you have it) 
3.    Transaction Address
Attach a print screen of the deposit issue being experiences. (if applicable)

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