How to Deposit Fiat?

NOTE: ALL Cash (Fiat) & Crypto Deposits on MultiBank io are FREE!

Cash (Fiat) can be deposited via the following methods:
•    Wire Transfer
•    Payment Gateway

Steps to deposit Fiat via Wire Transfer:
•    Log into the MultiBank io platform by inserting your login credentials 
•    Go to “Deposit Funds”, select the relevant cash (fiat) currency you would like to top up your account with & then click "DEPOSIT".  
•    Select Wire Transfer deposit method & input the desired amount and click "Generate Payment Order"
•    You will then be supplied with banking details, this will be the bank account to which you will make a direct deposit from your external bank account.  

As soon as the funds clear in the MultiBank io bank account, your FIAT currency balance will be updated with the amount transferred

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