Privacy and Security

How to protect my account / Increase security?

Set a strong password
Use a unique and brute-force protected password. Avoid the use of simple words, dates, names, etc. as your password.  Avoid using similar password more than once. The most secure option is a combination of a randomly generated password and a trusted password manager. It is advisable to change your password every few weeks & keep safe and secure and not disclosed to anyone.  

Enable 2-factor authentication
This is a critical security feature. Even if anyone learns your password, they can't simply access your account. 
Google 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is an additional security layer to your password. With 2FA enabled on your account, you will have to provide your 2FA code when performing certain actions on the app. The Google 2FA can be enabled in the "Settings" tab. 

Be vigilant and always adhere simple safety precaution.

Your Devices
•    Keep them neat and orderly – be aware of what is installed on your devices. Ideally, have a dedicated computer for trading and do not install any applications that are not relevant to trading.
•    Do your research to consider the operating system you use – although this does not guarantee you 100% safety, some OS significantly reduces the risks.
•    Do not install any plugins as they can easily turn out to be password-collecting malware. Avoid saving your passwords in your browser.
•    Browser extensions from unknown developers can easily turn out to be malware. They could be used to steal your personal data, intercept your payment details or even to sneakily replace your own deposit address on a web page with the hacker’s address.

•    Make sure to maintain the same level of security on your phone, tablet, or any other device which stores your 2FA code and passwords. 
•    Enable fingerprint check (if available) and the remote erase to use if you lose the phone. 
•    Do not share your device with anyone. 
•    Uninstall and wipe out all unused applications 
•    Upgrade your iOS or Android operating system to the latest version 

In general, you should store as few trusted Wi-Fi networks in your devices as needed, and disable auto-connect. If you work in a sensitive position and have unique Wi-Fi network names at your office, you could be leaking the details of your employment to interested parties without knowing it. When in doubt, simply disable your Wi-Fi radio when you’re not using it, as this will prevent most Wi-Fi-based attacks.
By taking the steps above, it’s easy to reduce the risk of your Wi-Fi device joining a malicious network automatically, being tracked between locations, or leaking personal information. While these tips aren’t a complete guide to staying safe on Wi-Fi, they will keep you safe from several of the easiest and cheapest attacks hackers employ.

It is strongly recommend that you set up a separate email address for trading. Enable the 2-step authentication, if in case your mailbox is accessed from an unknown device you’ll get notified.

Using your email
•    Never open unexpected attachments, especially if they contain files of unfamiliar or unknown type or documents/files you have not requested.
•    Never click on any unexpected external links sent to you in an email. Or, if you have to, please make sure you know why you are clicking it. One letter can make a huge difference to your security.
•    Whenever your account is accessed from a new IP address, we will promptly notify you via email. We will also send you emails about any activity, such as withdrawals. These notifications will help you detect illegitimate activity as quickly as possible.

Phishing websites
Although new kinds of scam are being invented every day, the old tricks continue to work quite well: people naively click on links that look vaguely familiar that lead them to seemingly recognizable websites.

The one and only URL for MultiBank io is, any other URL is a phishing site. Do not trust lookalikes, do not enter your login and password if you have doubts about the website you just clicked. The best option would be to simply bookmark the legitimate MultiBank io page or enter our address manually every time.

Please contact MultiBank io Customer Support immediately if you think you have received a suspicious message or noticed a suspicious activity. We monitor and promptly respond to all phishing activities, and your help would be greatly appreciated.

Contacting support
MultiBank io will have live-chat (coming soon) & also the ability to submit a request via ‘‘Contact Us on our website for any query.  

If in doubt, please contact customer support before you send an email message or chat to someone on social media.

Lastly, MultiBank io never asks you to send any money to participate in any contest or lottery. Please be careful, protect yourself with simple but reliable steps we recommend, pay more attention to the actions you take both online and offline, and use safe networks.

Done making sure that your account is secure? It's time to initiate your first deposit!

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