Getting Started

How to Create an Account (Sign-Up)

Creating an account is as simple as submitting your email address, however, as a regulated exchange, we are required to verify your identity before we can enable your access to trade.
Please ensure you submit appropriate KYC verification documentation as per the instructions below.

Step One:
Please register to begin creating an account. You will need to submit your email address, phone number, and password, as well as agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Step two:
You will receive an email with One Time Password (OTP) for verification. Enter the OTP code then you will be able to login to Multibank io.

Note: at this point, you will have an 'unverified' account which means you are not able to deposit, trade, or withdraw. To move to the next step, you will need to go through our KYC process.

Step Three:
Proceed to 'Identity Verification’ to begin the KYC process.  Follow the prompts to fill-in the required information.  
On this page you will be required to provide a Valid Proof of ID, Live Selfie Photo and Proof of Address. If you have any issues of the required documents, please contact our Customer Support. 

Notes about KYC and how it is related to what you can trade:

  • If you only submit your Proof of ID and pass that verification, you will be able to deposit, trade and withdraw Crypto only.
  • If you submit your proof of ID AND proof of address, you will be able to deposit, trade and withdraw Crypto and FIAT. 

MultiBank io does not offer our services to nationals of the USA, UAE, and OFAC Sanctioned countries.
MultiBank io does not offer our leveraged products to clients residing in Australia.
MultiBank io does not offer our services to applicants residing in the USA, UAE, Japan, and OFAC Sanctioned countries.

However, if residence country of applicant differs, they can proceed with KYC using an identity document from that country given they satisfy the above conditions.

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