How do I Withdraw Crypto?

Crypto withdrawals will be processed instantaneously & will be visible on the blockchain. However, the time frame for processing withdrawals can also depend on the number of network confirmations required on the receiving service’s end. There is no way to cancel or reverse these transactions. Ensure you have triple checked the address, asset and currency you are withdrawing

The withdrawal process is as follows:
1.    Login to your account
2.    Select the "My Wallet" tab
3.    Select the coin you want to withdraw and click “Withdraw”

4.    Enter your external wallet receiving address
5.    Enter the desired amount & Submit

Withdrawal confirmed in blockchain but not received in designated wallet
If you have checked TxID on blockchain and showed "Confirmed", please check if enough confirmation has reached which receiving platform required. If still insufficient, please allow extra time prior checking again. 
If receiving platform’s required number of confirmations are reached but there is no record on the account, please contact receiving platform’s customer support for assistance.

Withdrawal unconfirmed in blockchain 
If upon checking your TxID on blockchain and it showed "Unconfirmed" or “Pending confirmation”, it means the transaction has already been processed by MultiBank io and waiting to be confirmed in the blockchain. After the transaction has been confirmed and gained certain amount of confirmations, it will be credited to recipient account.
Each platform has different requirements for blockchain confirmations, you may reach out to recipient platform for more details. 

Withdrawal to a wrong wallet address
If the status of withdrawal is completed, we will not be able to locate your funds due to anonymity of blockchain. If you have sent your coins to a wrong address by mistake, please contact receiving platform for further assistance.

If you are still having issues, please send us a message via Contact Us with the following information:
1. Coin Name
2. Transaction ID (if you have it)
3. Transaction Address
4. Transaction Payment ID

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