What Is Machine Learning And AI



Oct 7, 2021


Machine Learning and AI are of course major buzzwords in modern culture today. But the problem is that the average person doesn't exactly understand what they really are or how they work, especially their intricate nuances. 

Machine learning is defined as a part of artificial intelligence (AI) that gives computers new abilities to make decisions and improve on performance without being explicitly programmed. Using intelligent algorithms, these machines can learn from past data and write specific code on their own. 

One of the most prominent machine learning algorithms can be found in technical analysis trading bots. Artificial Intelligence software engineers have developed algorithms that read the data from cryptocurrency exchanges such as trading volume, moving averages, buy and sell limit orders, and learn how the market reacts to these specific data points. As the algorithm learns, it develops its own trading strategies, and adjusts to become more successful.

This is where the term “machine learning” comes from. The algorithm itself is “artificially intelligent” (artificial because it was created by a human and not actually “natural”), but because it is an algorithm that is learning, and is technically a “machine”, it is a “machine that learns”.

Unfortunately, not a lot of artificially-intelligent trading bots are available on the market, because most of them are so successful, the owners don’t need to market them due to the profits they generate!

Artificially Intelligent algorithms are no easy feat to produce, so if you are a young software developer, keep this in mind before moving into this field of specialisation. While the capacity to learn and adapt to changing circumstances is what sets humans apart from the animal kingdom, thanks to the emergence of new technologies like deep neural networks, machine learning and AI are bringing this capability to computers. 

In a wider sense, there’s no doubt that the development of AI has created both excitement and fear, but the truth is that it has the potential to help humanity in ways we can't even imagine. As the technology becomes more readily available in blockchain, it will revolutionize the way that the industry operates and transacts!


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