Three Things In Blockchain Tech Growth To Anticipate



Dec 27, 2021


Take a look at the coin and token market capitalizations to get a sense of how big crypto has become. The opportunities for crypto funds are getting wider and gaining traction with businesses across the globe, on both large and small scales.


Growth in VC funding

This year we saw the biggest venture capital investment on record to date.

Bullish Global, a new crypto exchange, received $10 billion of digital assets and capital from, a blockchain software company backed by billionaires Peter Thiel, Alan Howard and Louis Bacon. Additional funding of $300 million was also raised at the time. 

Additional notable investments in the crypto market include a $350 million investment in BlockFi and Dapper Labs and $300 million in Paxos and

Earlier this year, Galaxy Digital acquired BitGo, an independent provider of digital asset infrastructure. Approximately $1.2 billion was spent on the acquisition. Further, Goldman Sachs recently announced its partnership with Galaxy Digital, which will provide crypto-currency futures trading services through the company. 


Growth in projects

Currently, cryptocurrency is taking the financial world by storm, and blockchain is growing rapidly. Due to this, crypto enthusiasts have a wealth of opportunities at their disposal. Currently, all of them are focused on one thing - decentralized finance, or DeFi.

DeFi has emerged as people are looking for ways to explore their financial options. With decentralization, a new realm of trustless and transparent financial services opens up. Decentralizing blockchain technology would dramatically change the economic world.


Colony Lab

Avalanche Blockchain's Best De-Fi Project, Colony Lab is a community-driven fund that focuses on the future. The project has already received investment and support from the Avalanche Foundation.

 A colony lab is an ecosystem of smart contracts that provide the infrastructure for an organization's essential functions. In addition to funding, this project addresses the ownership, structure, and authority of online organizations.



Is a decentralized Finance Platform with Liquidity Protocol.

The Ave platform, launched in 2020, allows users to lend and borrow cryptocurrencies of all kinds. Through smart contracts enabled by a crypto pool, the platform facilitates peer-to-peer lending. Cryptocurrency is lent out as interest or borrowed in exchange for interest.

Ave is built on Ethereum. All of its assets are managed by smart contracts, so users need to rely on algorithms and a network of computers running Aave to make deals. For the care of your funds, you do not have to rely on or pay only traditional financial institutions.


Growth in institutional attention

 Bitcoin was dismissed by institutions in its early years. Today, traditional money managers, hedge funds, family offices, and hedge funds all have very different perspectives on cryptocurrency products and services. The crypto market is booming with institutional money, and it's only going to get bigger and better


For years, members of the cryptocurrency community have asked when institutions will join. This year has set a benchmark for institutional interest in cryptocurrencies - the institutions are here and they are here now. This is a significant milestone in the making of crypto history. In the institutional financial services infrastructure, the pace of innovation to replace legacy plumbing is significantly influenced by crypto and digital assets, as well as blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.


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