MEX Digital will host AMA session in partnership with Milli Capital to discuss how MEX Digital plans bringing their brand new ecosystem to market



Jan 13, 2022


After a lot of hard work behind the scenes, the MultiBank and MEX Digital team are proud to announce that we are customer-ready and will be going to market soon. It took tons of testing, hard work, and planning, but we’ll soon be unveiling the product to the public. Additionally, MEXD will be going live soon, and we’ve been getting so many questions about it that we thought it would be appropriate to host an AMA. 

A lot of the growth within the digital asset market has originated from within the industry itself, and faces regulatory headwinds as these companies try to innovate and learn how to be an exchange at the same time. MEX Digital doesn’t have any of the same problems. With MultiBank Group having been around for almost two decades, we have an experience advantage (and the customers and reputation that come with it) that allow us to make some different moves. Our new offering will solve a lot of the existing problems in the financial ecosystem. Come to the AMA we are hosting with @MilliCapital on January 21st, 2022. We’ll further elaborate on our project goals as well as discussing some significant updates!

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AMA Details:
    •    Who: Zak Taher, COO, MEX Digital
    •    When: January 21st @ 1pm UTC
    •    Where:

The format of this AMA will have a combination of pre-submitted questions by our host community as well as live questions by the community to conclude the AMA. In order to gather inquisitive and thoughtful questions from the community, there is also a prize of $100 BUSD for audience members that ask us the most interesting questions about MEX Digital!

We sincerely look forward to taking this opportunity to answer questions coming directly from the members of our fast-growing community. Be sure to join us and bring your curiosity with you!