Confidence Amidst Uncertainty


Danny Salman

Jun 15, 2022


The Future of Crypto Trading

MultiBank io, part of MultiBank Group is a newly launched and regulated global cryptocurrency exchange where its users will soon discover the unique offering and utility of the world’s first cross-asset ecosystem.

“We’re launching an ambitious suite of blockchain and crypto enables financial services this year, and we are partnering with only the best”. Zak Taher, MultiBank io COO

MultiBank io is backed by the Group’s established position in the financial markets, being one of the largest online financial derivatives providers in the world. This innovative crypto exchange aims to create an ecosystem to incentivize network participation and crypto adoption by bridging the gap between alternative and traditional finance.


Record Revenue 2021

MultiBank Group posted an all-time revenue record of approximately USD $189 million in FY 2021, representing exponential growth of 35% year over year. The Group is still expanding its operations across the globe, with over 20+ branches in major financial hubs, and sees no signs of a slowdown despite global uncertainty. For 2022 the Group has clearly outlined very strong tailwinds for growth in the coming years supported by strong fundamentals.

The Group has managed to maintain a healthy and strong financial position despite the surge in global uncertainty, which can be largely attributed to the growing and highly engaged community of traders across the world.  MultiBank Group has been established in 2005, with headquarters in Hong Kong, and has managed to stamp its authority as a global market leader in the world of trading in FX and CFDs.

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